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Moisturising Body Oil -'Be Pampered'

Moisturising Body Oil -'Be Pampered'


It's time to indulge your body.


With the beautiful fragrance of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, and the nourishing and moisturising properties of carefully selected natural botanical oils. Your skin will be thanking you for this lovely treat. 


A sophisticated blend of natural botanical oils and floral essential oils that will nourish, moisturise and leave your skin feeling soft and pampered. Its light, non-greasy and perfect for all skin types.

We've used' anti-oxidant, vitamin E, beta-carotene to linoleic acidic rich ingredients for an added anti-aging, skin tightening moisture boosting kick!


Handmade in-house with the highest quality natural oils sourced in the UK.


Warm a few drops between palms, and gently massage onto tummy and any areas of concern.  For best results massage into slightly damp skin.

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