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our fab story

About us

After the unexpected losses of our lovely mothers and the births of our amazing daughters, the gift of time became apparent in our lives. We looked for ways to be able to spend more time with our loved ones and thus Truly Happy Products was created; and from it our Bellalisia brand.

Now we're a small family run business, grateful for the ability to stay together while we work to bring you something to make you smile.

This is where our story starts...we hope to keep our drive and creativity and use them to bring you the best natural beauty products for a long time to come.

About our products

- All Bellalisia's beauty and relaxation topical products (creams, oils, bath products) are handmade in house by us or by our carefully selected suppliers within the UK.

- ALL our products are free from artificial preservative, sulphates and parabens.

- We only include colourants in products that will be highly diluted in large qualities of water eg. bath bombs and salts. 

- Cruelty free only - We do not use any suppliers (UK or international) who test on animals.

- You can trust that our ingredients are ethically sourced based on quality.

About our suppliers

With the exception of our facial rollers, all our ingredients are sourced from ethically sound UK manufacturers and suppliers.

Our facial rollers are hand crafted by an equally ethical and trustworthy jeweller in China. Regardless of location, we extensively research and vet each of our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the products we bring you are of the highest quality.

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