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Candles with crystals inside and aromatherapy oil

Symphony Crystal Candle Gift Set: With Aromatherapy Oil


Introducing 'Symphony': The Ultimate Aromatherapy and Crystal Candle Gift Set

Embark on a sensory journey with 'Symphony', a luxurious candle gift set that harmonizes the soothing allure of scented candles with the mystical charm of crystal candles. This exquisite set is an ode to tranquility and spiritual wellness, making it an ideal choice for those who seek relaxation and mindfulness through the art of aromatherapy.


Aventurine and Himalayan Crystal Infusion: A Symphony of Scents and Stones

At the core of 'Symphony' lies our enchanting crystal candle, a fusion of the invigorating scents of pure vanilla with the vibrant energies of Aventurine and Himalayan crystals. This unique blend creates a candle gift that is not only a feast for the senses but also a source of positive energy and balance.

Aromatherapy Roll-On: Uplift Your Spirit Anytime, Anywhere

Complementing the crystal-infused candle is our specially formulated aromatherapy roll-on. Made with a blend of uplifting citrus essential oils, including tangerine and lime, this roll-on is your personal retreat in moments of stress or fatigue. It's a perfect addition to our candle gifts set, offering a quick and effective way to rejuvenate your mind and body.


Chakra Balancing: Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

'Symphony' is more than just a candle gift set; it's a tool for spiritual growth. It serves as a chakra candle, aligning and balancing your energy centers during meditation and mindfulness practices. This feature makes it an invaluable mindfulness gift for those who are on a spiritual journey.


Eco-Friendly and Responsibly Made

We believe in sustainability and ethical practices. That's why our candles are made from eco-friendly soy wax, ensuring a clean, toxin-free burn. The crystals are responsibly sourced, reflecting our commitment to the environment and ethical sourcing.


A Gift for Every Occasion

Whether you're searching for wellbeing gifts, relaxation gifts, or something unique like healing crystal candles, 'Symphony' is the perfect choice. It's an ideal aromatherapy gift set for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. From luxury candle gift sets to mindfulness gifts, 'Symphony' is versatile and universally appealing.


Why Choose 'Symphony'?

  • Crystal Infused Candles: Experience the energy of Aventurine and Himalayan crystals in our unique candles.
  • Aromatherapy Roll-On: Delight in the uplifting blend of vanilla, tangerine, and lime essential oils.
  • Eco-Conscious: Made with soy wax and responsibly sourced crystals.
  • Versatile: Perfect as candle gifts, wellbeing gifts, or as a luxury candle gift set.
  • Chakra Balancing: Ideal for meditation and spiritual practices.


In conclusion, 'Symphony' is not just a candle gift set; it's a celebration of peace and harmony. It's a blend of luxury, sustainability, and spiritual wellness, making it the perfect choice for anyone seeking a touch of serenity in their lives.

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What's in the candle gift set?

1 x Crystal Candle

1x Aromatherapy Roll On

Lovingly packed in an elegant cherry bloosom gift box.

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